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June 26, 2015 9:15 am
Cheryl Pater, BS, RVT, RLATG, CMAR
It used to be that only people who worked outside in hot weather or lived in hot climates had to worry about heat illnesses. What many institutions don’t seem to realize is that heat illness can affect animal care staff in almost any situation.
June 24, 2015 10:07 am
Elizabeth Doughman, Editor-in-Chief
ALN recently asked subscribers how many years they have worked with laboratory animals. The majority have worked with laboratory animals for less than 20 years. Click here to see the rest of the results.
June 17, 2015 9:43 am
Elizabeth Doughman, Editor-in-Chief
In a February 2015 survey, ALN asked subscribers if they name the animals at their facilities. Click here for the results.
June 15, 2015 9:05 am
Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter
Wild chimpanzees have been considered an endangered species since 1990, but their captive counterparts never had the same legal protections. That will change with a new rule from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which animal rights groups say could bring huge changes to chimps used in performing and in scientific experiments.
June 11, 2015 10:31 am
Ann Marie Dinkel, RLATG
Many professional organizations have certification or licensure programs, which are often tied to career advancement. For the adult learner, taking these exams may be stressful for many reasons, including the length of time out of school and technophobia. What can be done to efficiently and effectively prepare for these tests, and what constitutes good study preparation and material review?
June 10, 2015 8:18 am
Elizabeth Doughman, Editor-in-Chief
The majority of organizations plan on making some sort of change to their vivarium, from a minor renovation to new construction, within the next two years, according to an October 2014 ALN survey. Click here to see the rest of the results.
June 3, 2015 9:25 am
Helen Kelly
ALN Magazine surveyed more than six hundred biomedical laboratory personnel—principally animal technicians but also some team leaders and veterinarians—about compassion fatigue. Here are the highlights.
May 27, 2015 9:49 am
Elizabeth Doughman, Editor-in-Chief
Rodents, such as mice, rats and guinea pigs, are the most popular animal model used in the vivarium, according to a February 2015 ALN survey. Eighty-six percent of respondents indicated that they currently work with rodents. This number was more than double any of the other animal models used in the vivarium. Click here to view the rest of the results.
May 18, 2015 10:00 am
Elizabeth Doughman, Editor-in-Chief
This week's Tales From the Lab is Andrew Cassar, a Lab Animal Technologist in the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry at the Animal Lab Facility at the University of Malta. He urges the members of the laboratory animal science industry to be proud of what they do.
May 15, 2015 9:45 am
Teresa Woodger
As spring finally approaches for many of us, 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the ATA as we celebrate our 60th anniversary. The Allied Trade Association was founded in 1955 to represent the interests of commercial companies within the laboratory animal field and in 2015 we are an integral part of scientific and educational programs together with the commercial exhibitions that in itself is educational.
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