Brand Overview

Continuity Insights engages those business continuity professionals who impact the decision-making process, by delivering timely, compelling, and usable information alongside your message. Through integrated marketing programs, your campaign will expand your business reach, further establish your brand, target new growth areas, capitalize on emerging trends, and generate actionable sales leads.

Market Overview

Business continuity is an organizational imperative, not just to safeguard the enterprise, but its resulting cause and effect on employees, customers, shareholders, partners, reputation, public/private partners, regulatory bodies, and many other entities.

Making the case for business continuity has never been a more important discussion, as today’s professionals have clearly embraced resiliency over recovery. The limitless nature of business disruptions demand that practitioners develop comprehensive plans, engage in continuous education, and leverage today’s leading-edge technologies, methods, products, and services.

Business continuity is a dynamic and technology-fueled industry, and one that continues to thrive. The tools and services that support business continuity initiatives are as wide ranging as the many businesses and industries that utilize them. From continuity software to notification systems, from power to alternate sites, from the cloud to professional develop- ment, and everything in between...ensuring organizational resilience is a comprehensive challenge. Organizations will continue to invest in business continuity initiatives for the foreseeable future.

Content Focus

Continuity Insights serves an audience of mid- to senior-level business continuity professionals across many different industries including banking/financial, manufacturing, retail/wholesale, utilities, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, education, government and more.

Our 24/7 coverage includes:

  • Weekly news coverage of the latest breaking headlines in the CI Bulletin newsletter.
  • Professionally produced webcasts on a range of topics, with perspective from a variety of industry experts.
  • Sponsored special eReports, white papers, and expert guest opinions from regular contributors. 

Integrated Audience

Continuity Insights connects you with a market-leading audience of business continuity professionals. Our unduplicated integrated audience greatly expands your ability to establish a credible presence and influence a larger community of prospects who seek out the information and technology solutions they need through a variety of media.

Content Calendar

Continuity Insights engages business continuity professionals daily, weekly, and monthly with relevant industry news and technology solutions, delivering it in the formats that meet their business and professional needs.


Continuity Insights' website can help you meet your strategic marketing goals, including brand/company awareness, traffic building, product/service introduction, and technological education. The site contains the day’s news, web exclusive features, editorial and industry expert blogs, white paper library, and special eReports; all updated by our editor so a continuous connection is maintained with the audience you need to reach.


Continuity Insights’ weekly enewsletter – CI Bulletin – offers a consistent and effective way to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website. Timely industry news, exclusive features, blogs from industry experts and new products and services are compiled in an easy to read format, making the CI Bulletin an invaluable resource for business continuity professionals who’ve subscribed to our mailing list. When you include your marketing message with the weekly delivery of relevant editorial content, you’ll be in a position to influence qualified business continuity professionals at every stage of their buying cycle.

New Responsive Design

Currently, 47% of email is opened on mobile devices. *CI Bulletin’s new responsive design format allows for easy viewing on any device, automatically adapting to the size of the screen on which it’s being displayed, presenting your message in an engaging, readable manner.

*Source: Litmus - “Email Analytics” (August 2013).

Conferences & Events

In-person, business-to-business events are a powerful tool for lead generation and branding. Continuity Insights plans and produces three leading events that will put you and your business in front of the right decision-makers – the annual Management Conference in the spring and two regional events in the early summer and late fall.

The Continuity Insights Management Conference

The premier event each year for senior-level business continuity decision-makers is taking place April 28-30, 2014 in New Orleans. Join us for three days of the industry’s best content and exhibitions featuring marquee organizations and vendors. Exhibiting at the Continuity Insights Management Conference means putting your products and services in front of the real decision-makers that drive business continuity initiatives for their organizations. Contact your Continuity Insights account manager to learn more about exhibit, sponsorship, and presentation opportunities at the 12th annual event.

  • 92% of all attendees said the show was excellent or good
  • 87% said the educational topics covered were excellent or good
  • 62% were first time attendees

Learn more about the Continuity Insights Management Conference

Continuity Insights Chicago 2014

The second annual Continuity Insights Chicago conference will be held in June at The Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.

As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago is the center of commerce for the Midwest. Ensuring organizational resilience for the thousands of businesses throughout this region is an ongoing challenge. Cyber terrorism, supply chain disruption, social media and crisis communication, third-party risk, DR and the cloud, compliance, GRC – the immediate list of concerns are long and varied.

Continuity Insights Chicago is a two-day event that will feature recognized authorities sharing best practices, timely information, and leading strategies for a more resilient business, entity, and community. Attendees are business continuity professionals who don’t attend the management conference, creating an entirely new group of prospective customers.

Learn more about Continuity Insights Chicago 2014

Continuity Insights New York 2014

With the largest regional economy in the U.S., the New York metropolitan area faces a litany of continuity challenges. From cyber terrorism, third-party risk, ICS, social media and crisis management, the Cloud, GRC, emergency response, H5N1, and more, the immediate list of concerns are long and varied. Continuity Insights New York is a two-day event held in late October that will feature recognized authorities sharing best practices, timely information, and leading strategies for a more resilient business, entity, and community.

As a result of the location, attendees come from a literal “who’s who” of U.S. business. Continuity Insights New York grants you access to these decision-makers. And with little to no duplication in attendees from the Continuity Insights Management Conference, it’s a whole new pool of prospective customers.

Learn more about Continuity Insights New York 2014


Custom Marketing Solutions

Webcasts – Efficient and effective, webcasts are an exceptional way to generate high quality leads while positioning your company as a thought leader and market expert. Continuity Insights will work with you to develop custom webcast content based on your suggestions and expertise. A complete marketing program is implemented to attract a qualified audience of attendees.

E-Marketing Blasts – Add significant stopping power and impact to your sales and marketing campaign with your custom-designed, audience-directed message. A personalized e-blast will educate and inform a top-level audience of Continuity Insights subscribers as you build excitement with your opportunity-specific message.

Video – Video marketing is an effective online marketing tool, working alongside traditional web-based strategies to inform, educate, and inspire. Complete turnkey services are available to help you produce a custom video to drive brand awareness and effectively position yourself as an expert as you produce educational, informational, and thought-leading content.

Remarketing – Elevate brand awareness and increase your online lead gen efforts with Remarketing by reconnecting with buyers who hold the greatest potential for purchasing your products. Remarketing adds significant value to a host of initiatives, including product launches, rebranding and repositioning, influencing market perception, correcting a market misconception, special offers, and more.

Website and Remarketing Segmentation – Deliver targeted marketing messages at scale to extremely focused audience segments on our websites and through our remarketing network. Segmentation is available by topic, allowing you to target an audience interested in a specific type of editorial content, and by geographical location to help you direct your message to areas where you’retrying to find the right customers and restrict it in other less important locales.

White Papers – The White Paper Showcase is an effective way to deliver high-level content and key technical information to an audience eager to learn more from authorities on issues, technology, and trends impacting their industry.

Research – Use custom research to uncover market perceptions about your company or products, benchmark new product introductions, or measure your standing next to your competitors.

Reprints – Reprints of online Continuity Insights features are an excellent companion piece to your own product marketing kits, spec sheets, and white papers.

List Rentals – Specialized postal, telemarketing, and email lists are available to target prospects that buy and influence the purchase of your product or service. Direct mail marketing experts are available to work with you to identify, quantify, and target prospects to propel your lead-gen initiatives.

Special Feature eReports – Utilize these communications to target prospects with a specific message based around a key topic in business continuity. Each report delivers expert commentaries, case studies and topical relevant coverage of that subject matter. Multi-and single sponsored opportunities are available.

Our Clients

Continuity Insights works with leading companies to build integrated media programs that help them achieve their high-level sales and marketing objectives. Our partners include:

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