Internship Programs


You won’t make coffee or sharpen pencils while doing your internship here! Interns at Advantage Business Media learn what it’s really like to be in the position via hands-on experience. You will participate in ways that will have a true impact to the business on a daily basis.

If you want to have an incredible experience, build business relationships while making some new friends, join our team and take the first step in your career!

Some of our interns had this to say about their experiences:

Michelle Taylor"ABM has been supportive from the very beginning- from encouraging me to garner as much experience as possible as an intern to quickly hiring me full-time for a job I love. The support I received as an intern has only grown over time, and it has meant so much to me and the advancement of my career."
Michelle Taylor, Editor

"I truly appreciated my time as an intern at ABM as it gave me a much broader understanding of the publishing world. I learned about the many different efforts that go into publishing magazines in the friendly and welcoming ABM environment. Becoming employed here full-time was a wonderful opportunity as I already knew how rewarding the job would be and how great it would be to work with such lovely people."
Lily Barback, Assistant Editor

Ernie Austin"After having been out of school for a long while, I decided to return and pursue the ability to write. The five or so years of part-time study culminated in an internship at Advantage Business Media. Being an English major with nothing to do with anything STEM-oriented, I saw the internship as an opportunity. As I found out, many scientific- and engineering-oriented writers are in need of someone to make their thoughts clear -- not only to the general public, but to other scientists and engineers as well. The internship turned into a temporary position. And that turned into a permanent one. Now I not only edit but work in various forms of digital media. Learning the digital presentation of ideas and information can help one in any endeavor, not just publishing."
Ernie Austin, Associate Editor