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Ryan Bushey
Johnson & Johnson could soon have another blockbuster on their hands.
Ryan Bushey
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals saw its shares plunge on Monday after releasing data related to its lupus therapy, voclosporin.
Michela J. McMullan, Ph.D., Cardiology and Metabolic Disorders Analyst, GlobalData
Generally speaking, the ACS market is a highly lucrative area for pharmaceutical companies to invest in drug development.
Ryan Bushey
This collaboration will take place in two phases.
Qaisrah Khalid, Associate Analyst, GBI Research
The current major players in the market, including Bayer and Novartis, are expected to maintain their strong positions.
Ryan Bushey
A new home has officially been created for Biogen’s hemophilia treatments.
Ryan Bushey
Valeant Pharmaceuticals is reportedly in early talks to sell Relistor, a tablet for treating opioid-induced constipation.
Ryan Bushey
Researchers announced promising results for what could be the first new asthma pill in nearly 20 years.
Jesus Cuaron, Ph.D., PPM, Senior Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Analyst, GlobalData
A number of major barriers will hinder the growth of the atrial fibrillation space.
Jeff Bessen, Harvard University, The Conversation
The public’s concerns are a striking example of the need to rapidly combat emerging infectious diseases.
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