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May 4, 2017 8:45 am
Pari Pachamuthu, Technical Director, Rontokil Steritech
For food manufacturers, stored product pests rank high on the list of most expensive potential problems.
May 3, 2017 9:00 am
Jack Payne, VP, Product Management & Solutions Consulting, Aptean
Manufacturing Execution Systems allow food and beverage manufacturers to effectively align production with supply chain functionality.
May 1, 2017 3:45 pm
Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO, PMMI
In this Q&A, Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO, PMMI — the owner and producer of the PACK EXPO Portfolio of Trade Shows — discusses the outlook for the North American processing and packaging industries, as well as the trends and challenges that will influence the activities of consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) and suppliers alike.
April 27, 2017 3:25 pm
Robert Crawford, McGuireWoods Food and Beverage Industry Team
As a percentage of the overall consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, private label products have significantly increased their United States market share over the past 25 years, and now comprise roughly 18 percent of the U.S. CPG industry.
April 24, 2017 8:45 am
Marie Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer, Kenandy
Today’s cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology systems look nothing like the ERP systems of yesterday. Instead of a rigid, difficult-to-use and slow-to-change system, Cloud ERP provides agility, ease of use and speed that encourages innovation. The impact a modern, agile cloud ERP system can make on a food organization is massive.
April 20, 2017 9:00 am
Fabio Freitas, Strategic Consultant, Food & Consumables, PROS, Inc.
Selling in the food manufacturing industry today is vastly more sophisticated than it was just five years ago. The volume of data companies are now able to analyze, coupled with today’s raw computing power, are enabling a new level of precision that was previously unthinkable.
April 18, 2017 3:00 pm
Michael McGaughey, Insurance Recovery Partner, Lowenstein Sandler
While food manufacturers may be aware of the steps to take following a product contamination, recent case law reminds us that companies must also be aware of the first step they take in obtaining insurance coverage — completing the insurance application.
April 18, 2017 8:55 am
Rich Richardson, Vice President of Standards Management, GS1 US
The FDA has updated nutritional information requirements — so the packaging in use today must be remodeled to comply with the regulation. The requirement, while forcing an overhaul for brands and packagers, presents food manufacturers with a well-timed opportunity to create innovative packaging that speaks to consumers beyond the retail shelf.
April 17, 2017 3:30 pm
Cognex Corporation
One of the most important missions of nearly every food processor is ensuring that every container shipped has accurate allergen labeling.
April 17, 2017 9:00 am
Jim Scanio, Food & Beverage Industry Specialist, Loftware
More and more manufacturers are reevaluating their labeling process to achieve sustained compliance and keep up with growing market demands.
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