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November 24, 2015 12:54 pm
Ashley Johnston, District Sales Manager, Lawson Products
Lawson Products District Sales Manager Ashley Johnson discusses why distribution sales can be a great career move for women, and the skills necessary to succeed in it.
November 23, 2015 9:20 am
Jeff Reinke, Editorial Director
Successful strategies are anchored in well-organized, relevant and properly positioned content. A recent interview offers insight on how to achieve these goals without turning off customers and alienating internal staff by trying to do too much too soon.
November 23, 2015 9:27 am
Ranga Bodla, Industry Lead for Wholesale Distribution at NetSuite
NetSuite's Ranga Bodla discusses how cloud-based management software can bring wholesale distributor and 3PL partners closer together and provide the basis for deeper collaboration.
November 12, 2015 12:59 pm
Industrial Distribution Staff; Sponsored by UPS
Millennials grew up as digital natives and have advanced expectations when it comes to technology's role in a business setting. A recent UPS study found that distributors failing to meet millennials' buying demands risk losing their business.
November 19, 2015 9:15 am
Denny Hammack, President, Patterson Pope
Denny Hammack, President of Patterson Pope, examines the latest warehouse operations and management innovations distributors have used this year to keep up with demands.
November 13, 2015 9:51 am
Andy Hill, CEO and co-founder of Oniqua
Inventory managers are faced with the challenge of managing tens or hundreds of thousands of items. Without a structured methodology and powerful analytical tools, the proactive management of large inventories becomes an impossible task. 
November 4, 2015 3:46 pm
Paul Reilly, President of Reilly SalesTraining
When some salespeople pursue new opportunities, they focus on everything that needs to happen to win the business and become overwhelmed. Here, Paul Reilly discusses how salespeople should view their effort in terms of small wins.
November 4, 2015 1:12 pm
See how hose, fittings, assemblies, tube bending, and fabrication distributor Royal Brass and Hose partnered with Conexiom to solve their issues of slow sales order and invoice entry, slow reconciliation times, and multitasking errors.
November 3, 2015 12:06 pm
James Wagner & James Brandenburg, Sikich LLP
The IRS' Repair Regulations — effective since the start of 2014 — can create confusion for companies across industries. Here, James Wagner and James Brandenburg explain the rules, their impacts on business, and tax benefits for distributors.
November 3, 2015 12:07 pm
C. A. Burkhardt, Senior Managing Director of HT Capital Advisors
C. A. Burkhardt recaps merger & acquisition activity across large industrial distributors so far in 2015, and what each move does for those growing companies.
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