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Jeffrey Graves and George Swartz
Pressured by market changes and more stringent fulfillment requirements, distribution executives are assessing solutions to meet consumer expectations while holding onto their profit margins. Jeffrey Graves and George J. Swartz explain.
Robert Denker
Robert Denker examines what key factors that comprise performance chemistry in businesses and what successful leadership really means.
Helgi Thor Leja & Charles Redding
From a recent Q&A with Fortna's director of industrial distribution and a senior analyst at BB&T Capital Markets, see their thoughts on key trends/challenges impacting the market landscape, mergers & acquisitions and channel convergence.
Tonya DeWeese
While a number of industries have been at the forefront of doing digital business, companies engaged in manufacturing haven’t found a clear path to the digital world. That world is changing, explains Tonya DeWeese.
Tracy Lustyan
Tracy Lustyan shows how the government's Research and Development Tax Credit is applicable to industrial distributors and suppliers, who often overlook the financial benefit opportunity.
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