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Peter Schroer
Rethinking the business of engineering lets companies achieve seamless design, development and delivery of tomorrow’s smart, connected innovations.
Danielle Simer
In order to deliver a high level of personalization, manufacturers need to drive processes by utilizing customer data. They can do this by following three simple steps.
Jay Zoellner, Managing Director, Industrial Solutions, EnerNOC
Energy intelligence software (EIS) is the platform that unites people, process and technology to incubate the enterprise change management and communication needed to ensure an energy strategy sticks. Here are five factors that are enabled by EIS, which are essential to the success of any industrial energy strategy.
Kaylie Duffy
Author John Hornick talks about how 3D printers can empower small businesses to make big things and re-democratize manufacturing.
Sharyn Alden
See how a machine parts maker in Wisconsin drastically improved delivery time and production efficiency by applying principles from UW-Madison's Center for Quick Response Manufacturing.
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