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Dan Marsicano
Academics at City University London have created a virtual reality world to help those who have impaired speech and language following a stroke.
Marcus Braun, Laird Engineered Thermal Systems
One of the most critical components in a liquid cooling system (LCS) is the pump. This article will compare several common pump technologies to show why spindle pumps are a preferred choice for many medical applications.
Dan Marsicano
Scientists have thought up a way to implant artificial intelligence (AI) into a walker to provide those who need one added mobility.
Dan Marsicano
A sustainable, wearable sensor that can detect lactate levels through a person’s perspiration.
Dan Marsicano
A team of biomedical engineers and physical therapists have constructed a motorized device to assist infants at risk for cerebral palsy develop motor and cognitive skills.
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley engineers have built the first dust-sized, wireless sensors that can be implanted in the body.
Plastics Color Corporation
The path to ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation isn’t as hard, or as tricky, as lab gossip makes it out to be. If you are prepared, your lab can be accredited in three short months.
Universitaet Bielefeld
Researchers at Bielefeld University have developed a system that professional swimmers can use to hear, in real time, how the pressure of the water flows created by the swimmer changes with their movements.
Brian Nejib, Life Sciences Specialist, and Luis Tissone, Director of Life Sciences, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Infusion pumps can have a potent impact on patients’ lives, and new technologies are leading to some exciting advances for these devices. For some patients, small pumps that provide instantaneous monitoring and medicating can eliminate the need for manual injections.
Dan Marsicano
Within Reach Challenge is a worldwide 3D printing design contest to think up functional, assistive tools for individuals with limited mobility of their hands.
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