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August 20, 2015 9:55 am
by Andy Szal, Digital Reporter
A newly released report found that small businesses that utilized cloud computing reported significantly higher revenue growth and profits.
August 13, 2015 12:01 pm
Tom Egan, vice president, Industry Services, PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies
As pharmaceutical manufacturers move towards small batch production, process flexibility is increasingly critical to minimize changeover times and maintain – or increase – profitability. Two factors continue to drive the rising demand for process flexibility.
August 7, 2015 12:26 pm
by Andy Szal, Digital Reporter
A new survey indicates that although most manufacturing companies are increasing their investments in data security, they are less likely to maintain a comprehensive plan to detect and control fraud.
August 5, 2015 11:54 am
Andy Szal, Digital Reporter
The industrial manufacturing sector saw increased merger activity in the second quarter, according to the latest report from PwC U.S. The industry recorded 66 mergers and acquisitions of more than $50 million between April and June with a total value of $28.2 billion.
August 5, 2015 12:13 pm
University of California - Los Angeles
Many people who are skeptical about vaccinating their children can be convinced to do so, but only if the argument is presented in a certain way, a team of psychologists from UCLA and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign report.
July 9, 2015 3:47 pm
Julien Meissonnier, Catalent Pharma Solutions
The Biotech market reached revenues of $172 billion in 2014, which accounts for 23 percent of global pharmaceutical drug revenues, and it is expected to grow to 27 percent by 2020. In a recent drug delivery landscape ...
July 9, 2015 3:55 pm
The U.S. has a drug shortage problem that refuses to go away. Though the FDA has gotten better at stopping new shortages in recent years, the total number of drugs in short supply remains stubbornly high.
July 9, 2015 4:05 pm
Jim Lee, Vice President of Product Management, Systech
The ability to track raw material sources before they hit the manufacturing line adds a critical layer of supply chain security. After all, no one wants saw dust turning up in baby powder. What is the difference between validation and qualification?
July 9, 2015 4:15 pm
Thaddeus Wolfram and Jon Lange
The planning and execution of clinical trials is a complex and deliberate process that must account for multiple factors in order to successfully enable the desired scientific outcome. Tactical coordination of finance, operations, IT and quality are necessary....
July 9, 2015 4:23 pm
Anil Kane, Ph.D., Executive Director, Global Head of Formulations, Pharmaceutical Development Services, Patheon
Characterizing the physicochemical properties of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in a solid state is extremely important in early-stage product development. Understanding these characteristics impacts the choice ...
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