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Chonggang Wang, Member Technical Staff, InterDigital
Today, the world continues to see IoT primarily in terms of connections. However, it’s the transformational value of IoT on business that really matters, and that in turn will be the driver of connectivity. It’s about the expansion of capability, not the expansion of connectivity.
Keith Waldorf, Vice President of Engineering, iPass
The important IoT benefits provided by widely available cloud-connected devices capable of intelligent behavior are tempered by dangers. Each of these devices is a potential entry point for a network attack by insiders, hackers or criminals.
Paul Carter, CEO, Global Wireless Solutions
The strength of a claim made lies with the way data is collected – this is critical to a carrier’s ability to create provocative taglines touting “America’s number one network.”
Anurag Lal
Thanks to the recent Net neutrality decision and the pending evolution of 5G networking, carriers now, more than ever, have the resources available to finally figure out their relationship with OTT applications once and for all.
Gina Perini, CEO, Somos Inc.
As with traditional Toll-Free voice services, order and a level playing field are essential to ensuring the texting to Toll-Free system remains dependable and safe. Unfortunately, not everyone in the messaging ecosystem is following CTIA’s guidelines...
By Ebrahim Bushehri and Maarten Ectors
Wireless protocols were originally invented by large corporations and heavily patented, which blocked individual developers from innovation. You had to have very deep pockets to bring any alternative to market - fortunately, this is about to change.
Rob MacLeod, Senior Product Manager, MediaEngine Products, Radisys
The growing variety of networking standards and technologies, including VoLTE, WebRTC, and OTT services, are introducing an increasing variety of audio and video codec standards in modern networks. A new adjunct transcoding approach, offering supplementary transcoding horsepower to existing MGW and SBC equipment, delivers the processing power essential for scaling a modern mobile communications network.
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