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October 19, 2016 8:05 am
Neil Serrano, CSO,
In just a few months, residents found over 5,000 dead zones throughout New York state. So what's causing these dead zones and how can they be fixed?
October 18, 2016 8:05 am
Derek Kerton, Principal Analyst, Kerton Group
A dive into what can 5G do that 4G can't, what the actual state of 5G is, and why network operators are so eager to rush to 5G.
October 17, 2016 8:05 am
Diana Goovaerts
While digital assistants with machine learning capabilities are changing the way we vocally interact with our smartphones, software company Qeexo is aiming to revolutionize the tangible side of things by making touch screens more – well – touch-friendly.
October 17, 2016 8:10 am
Diana Goovaerts
According to Continuity Software CEO Gil Hecht, incidents like the recent outage at Level 3 Communications can be avoided. The key, he said, is....
October 7, 2016 7:30 am
Martha Zemede, 5G and IoT Outbound Lead, Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Research and the standardization work is underway on 5th generation mobile networks addressing a broad range of use cases covering both human-centric and machine-type communication (MTC).
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